A shining light in the darkness

I haven’t written a post for a while, because I literally have no time or energy anymore. The baby is six months old. He still wakes three times a night and won’t sleep in the day. Those people who said ‘The second one is easier’ were fucking liars. Yeah, you vaguely remember what to do but that’s it.

Last night the baby woke at 9pm, 2am, 4.30am and for the day at 5.45am. He spent half an hour shrieking with joy and ignoring my pleas for him to settle down, before I gave up. Obviously he woke the older one up too, so by 6.30am we were all in bed listening to ‘Highway to hell’, ‘Thunderstruck’ and ‘Gangham style’. He has very eclectic musical choices for a four year old. And nobody should EVER have to listen to Psy at 6.30am. Except convicted rapists and terrorists of course.

The only upside to being downstairs when it was still pretty much nighttime is that we saw the full moon, bright and beautiful in the sky. I think it was the first time my son had seen the moon in all its glory, and he was suitably impressed. But then of course we had to spend ten minutes explaining why he couldn’t catch the moon, or visit it just yet, and why the sun was made of fire. Hard enough when you’re not scraping by on 5 hours sleep each night. 

Now he wants to ‘fix’ my back with his tools…. I’m too tired to stop it.


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