Tea and biscuits not insults and offensive notes 

This afternoon I went to visit a neighbour and take her a gift. It’s something I’ve meant to do for a while, but the results of the referendum and reading about some of the disgusting racist behaviour since prompted me to pop across the road and see her. The gift was to say ‘thank you’ for some baby clothes she gave us for our new baby. I’m not sure she recognised that though, because she doesn’t speak English. And my Urdu is non existent. But I wanted to try and show our appreciation for her kind gesture, and show that the small minded morons in Britain telling non-British people to ‘go home’ are not speaking for everyone. The last few days I’ve been horrified at the thought that our neighbours, and friends, and family, might be thinking they aren’t welcome in the UK anymore. Last Christmas my neighbour and her family gave us a card and box of chocolates, even though they are Muslim, because we were new to the street and they wanted us to feel welcome. When I took biscuits over we were invited into their home for tea but I declined because it was Christmas Eve and we had to buy carrots for Rudolph (seriously). After our baby was born the lady came over to see him as we walked down the street. Conversation consisted of hand gestures and facial expressions, but she was clearly thrilled for us and wanted to wish us the best – first touching him gently on the head, and then patting my head too whilst cooing over the older one (who of course was asking ‘who’s that lady? What’s she doing?’) I don’t even know her name, and she doesn’t know mine or my baby’s, but she was thoughtful and kind enough to go out that day and buy him a ‘welcome to the world’ gift. It makes me very sad to think that nice people like my neighbour are being abused and told to leave the place they’ve made their home now. We should be sharing tea and biscuits, not insults and offensive notes. 


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