Boy down 

Our son has been ill for the last couple of days. Nothing too serious, just a cold, but of course to him it has felt like the worst pain in the world and to us it has been agony watching him suffer and not being able to do much about it. Actually, this isn’t quite true. There’s been quite a few things I could have done to help him, but he just wouldn’t bloody let me. Not because he is trying to be a martyr or struggle though, but because his awkward, unreasonable, volatile state has been well and truly off the chart. He’s been baking hot, but refused to remove his long sleeve pyjama top, socks and duvet. His nose has been blocked, but he screams blue murder at the sight of Vicks and makes me take it off with a wet wipe if I try and sneak it on. Usually he will feign illness to take medicine, but this time he’s refused to take it. Plenty of fluids? Nope, doesn’t want to drink. Food for energy? Even cake hasn’t tempted him. Trying to make him feel better has been a never ending battle which only results in him screaming and feeling worse. So now I just let him watch Star Wars on repeat and cuddle him (when he allows it) because nothing else seems to be acceptable. And of course, I’ll end up catching the illness just as he recovers and will then have to battle through whilst taking care of a fully functional, rampaging three year old again. 

At what stage can you just start telling them to ‘man up’ whilst chucking over a Lemsip and some tissues?


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