Back to basics

I read a lot of blogs these days – not for my own pleasure though, it’s for work. As a PR manager my role involves working with high profile bloggers to secure coverage, product placement and get links to our website. It’s been amazing to see over the last year just how many people have blogs these days and how many people read them! Quite frankly it blows my mind, especially when you find out that the really big ones charge £40,000 now just for one Tweet. If only I’d started blogging properly a few years ago…. Oh, and had something to say…. And proved to be popular with it….

Anyway, reading all these blogs reminded me that I actually have several (unattended, left to grow over and rot) of my own which I’ve pretty much forgotten about. To the point that I couldn’t even remember what they were called. I stopped writing for two reasons really – firstly, that I didn’t feel that I had much to say. And second – I had a baby, and then he grew into a toddler, and I went back to work full time, and suddenly I had no time to myself. Ever. But that toddler does some hilarious things which I’d like to relay and record somehow, without boring the shit out of my colleagues, so here we are again. I’ll also be on maternity leave again soon and have a whimsical fantasy about ‘spare time’ and opportunities for writing, albeit in the early hours of the morning, so I dug out my blogs in preparation for the exciting times ahead and decided to start from scratch with this one. This does not make me a blogger though. There’s enough of them already.


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